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As chronic stress becomes more prevalent and insidious in our current environment, Healthcare institutions and practitioners have become overburdened with managing the negative effects of stress. Seventy-five percent of health-care costs are associated with chronic illnesses, and the key driver of those illnesses is stress.  The leading causes of work stress can be attributed to low salaries, heavy work load, lack of opportunity, uncertain job expectations, and long hours. (American Psychological Association, 2007)

Our health care system has externally focused on the management of stress through taking prescriptions, or encouraging the change of job or career. Corporations are also putting focus towards the management of stress through weight-loss programs, smoking cessation programs, and fitness facilities or benefits. These are necessary solutions, but are once again only external, barely scratching the surface of a complete wellness solution.

Work environments need to change to keep up with the pace and demands that are required of employees. A Holistic approach to wellness must include looking at the intrinsic nature of the mind and supporting individuals in developing emotional and social intelligence in times of chronic stress.

Soulutions for Balance provides life skills that are not taught in our educational systems, but are just as valuable, if not more. Mindful Awareness for stress reduction is designed for individuals and organizations who would like to cultivate non-reactivity, observance, and neutrality to their experiences in both their professional and personal lives.

We also use Yoga therapy as a fully integrated modality for individuals dealing with a variety of physical and mental challenges. It develops present-moment awareness that includes non-secular meditation techniques and a full range of other mindfulness practices.