Mindfulness Mentoring

Integrating mindfulness practices into your business or school provides the opportunity for people to be clear about their direction and intention.  Present moment awareness offers the prospect of new and unimaginable heights for the individual thus, supporting the organization as a whole. 


With the demands of our time, attention and focus increasing, people are challenged to stay in the present moment.  We are asked to respond more quickly, more efficiently and to develop new and innovative ways of being in our global business world.  With stress and anxiety disorders on the rise, a symptom of overworked minds and inefficient ways of responding to challenges; present moment awareness adds tremendous value to any organization. This phenomenon is also affecting our children.  With most schools depending on test scores for performance evaluation; our children are facing higher rates of test anxiety and offered very little for stress reduction.  

Even when we experience down time, most people are continually "plugged in" to technology (left brain overload) and never truly experience the brain rest (right brain balance) needed for creative thought and greater well-being. Meditation is a mindfulness practice of being present in the moment and not clouded by judgment or preoccupied with habitual ways of thinking.  Meditation increases attention span, self awareness and teaches us how to be fully engaged with our senses; therefore being able to see, hear, feel and act with greater clarity and purpose.

mindful children

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction(r) - for adults and adolescents

Mindfulness Mentoring - a 6- 8 week curriculum for children and/or parents.

Mindful Yoga - for groups or individuals who want to develop their mindfulness skills through yoga as a moving meditation. 

"I learned a lot in our mindfulness class. I learned how to stay happy and present.  I learned how to focus on my breathing and find my still quiet place.  It is very relaxing in the still quiet place.  Everybody should try it!." 4th grade student of Soulutions for Balance mindfulness mentoring class.

“Shauna’s meditation sessions and teachings have sufficiently benefited
our employees. We commonly hear that our onsite meditations sessions
have helped employees reduce their stress and manage their work and
personal lives better.” -Mindfulness Mentoring Client, E. Ullman, HR Global

To be mindful is simply to become aware, to be open and available.  When whole groups of people operate from this expanded way of being, the creative possibilities are limitless.