Serenity Mindfulness Programs For Your Organization

Serenity Mindfulness Programs Goals and Objectives:

-The implementation of a successful stress management program for business and non-profit organizations.

-To provide long lasting wellness tools that support individuals in every aspect of their lives.

 -To develop a mindful awareness culture that creates a thoughtful environment. In turn, this fosters group collaboration, creativity, innovation and focus.


The Serenity Mindfulness Programs™ include:

 -Mindfulness Mentoring for individuals and teams

-Meditation and Yoga Classes

-Mindfulness Practices for team meetings, off-site sessions and corporate retreats

-Wellness Series for Stress Reduction, Lowering Blood Pressure, Back Pain Relief and many other common ailments

-Office Yoga

“I feel my stress levels plummeted and my relationships at home and work improved dramatically.  In my opinion, this is the best wellness benefit this company has provided and that includes the gym, which I also love.  I truly believe regular mindfulness practice can be a transformative experience” Participant in SMP and corporate client of Soulutions for Balance