Why Mindfulness At Work?

The objective for a mindfulness practice in the workplace is both personally and professionally valuable.  On the personal level, it gives individuals the skill set to increase their focus and attention, reduce and manage stress and overall health and well-being.  For the organization, it creates clarity, improves team productivity and expands the realm of possibility towards new and innovative ideas.


How does meditation help improve business meetings?

 A recent study done by the Kyoto Convention Bureau published in Air and Business Travel News shows that positive productivity benefits are possible by incorporating a purposeful meditation before the start of a business meeting.  The study found that when session delegates were offered a 10-minute meditation before the start of the meeting, an average improvement of 12.5% occurred in tasks completed. (ABTN, April 4, 2011) 

“I feel calmer after the meditation sessions.  As I continued participating in the sessions, I am able to take that calmness further into the day” Employee, corporate client of Soulutions for Balance

"This program was very valuable in helping to reduce my stress levels at work." "It's nice to know that my employer values my overall well-being.", Employee participants, Stress Reduction Program by Soulutions for Balance(R)