Serenity Right Now One-Day and Three- Day Retreats 

Moments of quiet serenity are few and far between these days unless we make the conscious effort to rest and detox from the stresses of life. Be guided through a day or a long weekend of yoga asanas to balance the body and cultivate your peaceful presence. Experience the simplicity of silence, mindful yoga and the power of right now. These simple yet profound practices are essential healthy
habits for greater well-being and happiness. Leave feeling rejuvenated
and equipped with mindfulness tools for meditating on your own
or deepening your current meditation practice. Contact us for upcoming dates or to schedule a private retreat for your group.

One-Day  and Three-Day Retreats include:
Restorative and Kundalini Yoga (for all levels)
Sitting & Walking Meditations and other Mindfulness Practices, Healthy Vegetarian Meals and Stress Reduction Tools for Everyday

“I feel in our lives everything about the way we live is FAST... this
was like hitting the ‘pause’ button. Shauna’s work has encouraged
me to rediscover aspects of myself that I had almost forgotten
existed.” Hazel, San Diego, CA

"It was much more than a weekend get-a-way... it was a 'get-within' Dana, San Diego, CA


Pranayama (breathing exercises) are used to help balance the
mind and energy of the body. This instructional is for calming the
mind and is done with holding the right nostril closed with the
right thumb while breathing only through the left nostril, mouth
closed. Make sure the spine is straight and the eyes are closed or
slightly open but focused on one point in front of you. When you
are done, continue breathing naturally through both nostrils, sitting
quietly for a few minutes. Move slowly out of the posture before
returning to activity. This is an excellent technique to prepare for
sleep or to just quiet an overactive mind.

Yoga is not meant to replace medical treatment, but used as an adjunct to your current medical regime. Please contact your healthcare provider when starting any new programs.