Stress Reduction

It is our purpose at Soulutions for Balance to assist individuals and organizations with tools for managing how to respond to stress consciously in a more holistic and sustainable way.

 We have embarked on the age of multi-tasking and efficiency at a remarkably fast pace. We are benefited by instantaneous communication, convenience and unlimited access to information, but it has come with a price. As with all evolution, there is pressure to change in order to survive.  We are experiencing the effects of this pressure at alarming rates. It is estimated that 18% of the American population (approximately 40 million adults) is afflicted with the most common mental illness in the United States; stress and anxiety. The American Journal of Health Promotion reported 75-90% of all Primary Care Physician visits are attributed to stress related issues (ADAA, 2010-2011).  In order to survive, we must address how we are responding to stress. A shift from reactivity to responsibility is the first real step in creating a new way of being in this modern world. 

 Soulutions for Balance(R) Stress Management Programs 

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction  an 8 week curriculum of mindfulness tools and practices designed to reduce stress and improve health and well-being.  
  • Onsite Corporate Yoga  restorative yoga classes typically offered in 6 week sessions or part of a stress reduction series.
  • Onsite Corporate Meditation Programs offered as a training program or ongoing.  


  • Yoga therapy  offered to individuals and includes: 
  1. Asana (poses) - for reducing tension in the body and calming the mind
  2. Breath Awareness (pranayama) to reset the nervous system at will
  3. Deep Relaxation to turn on the “relaxation response” and reduce anxiety, improve sleep
  4. Meditation Practices – finding the right meditation practice for the individual is key.  There are many techniques and having a teacher for this is an important component in creating and sustaining a daily practice.
  • Living in Balance with Feng Shui(R) - Utilizing intentional placement to promote balanced work and home life environments.