“I feel calmer after the meditation sessions. As I continued
participating in the sessions, I am able to take that calmness
further into the day” -Employee, corporate client of Soulutions for


"I learned a lot in our mindfulness class. I learned how to stay happy and present.  I learned how to focus on my breathing and find my still quiet place.  It is very relaxing in the still quiet place.  Everybody should try it!." 4th grade student of Soulutions for Balance mindfulness mentoring class.


“I feel my stress levels plummeted and my relationships at home
and work improved dramatically. In my opinion, this is the best
wellness benefit this company has provided and that includes
the gym, which I also love. I truly believe regular mindfulness practice can be a transformative experience” -Participant in SMP and corporate client of Soulutions for Balance


"I thought your class was really relaxing and made me feel calm." 4th grade student of mindful yoga class


“Yoga Therapy has changed my life. My endurance and strength have
improved significantly. My work with Shauna has helped me to interact
better in my relationships. I know that my daily practice is essential to my
well-being.” -Yoga Therapy Client, T. Marshall


“Shauna’s meditation sessions and teachings have sufficiently benefited
our employees. We commonly hear that our onsite meditations sessions
have helped employees reduce their stress and manage their work and
personal lives better.” -Mindfulness Mentoring Client, E. Ullman, HR Global


“As a former corporate HR executive who spent 40 plus years locked into
an externally focused world with an externally formulated sense of self, I
have received invaluable benefits from my yoga and meditation practices
- which Shauna was instrumental in helping me develop. If you are tired
of throwing more of the same resources - time, money, energy - at your
current way of being, the way of being that has you, your family or your
company feeling "stuck" - I invite you to explore a different approach.
Starting a yoga and / or meditation practice are just the thing to get you
moving in a new and inspirational direction. Thank you Shauna for being
an inspiration in my life and for your continued guidance.” Soulutions for
Balance  -Welient, K. Frasier, ParadoxEdge co-founder; a consultancy
and executive coaching firm


“I feel in our lives everything about the way we live is FAST... this
was like hitting the ‘pause’ button. Shauna’s work has encouraged
me to rediscover aspects of myself that I had almost forgotten existed.” -Hazel, San Diego, CA

"I thought the program was very valuable as I had never had exposure to meditation before and I felt it provided a comfortable and convenient way to introduce people to meditation."  participant in onsite stress reduction program, medical research and development company, La Jolla, CA