Yoga Therapy

Recommended as an adjunct to medical care or as a preventative modality, therapeutic yoga is a holistic path to health. In addition to increasing strength, flexibility and balance, yoga’s distinct advantage over traditional therapies is to regulate the autonomic nervous system with focused breathing and mindful presence. With consistent practice, individuals experience decreased pain, improved function and many other benefits such as improved sleep, peace of mind and a greater sense of self-awareness.

Soulutions For Balance offers personalized therapeutic
yoga by a licensed Occupational Therapist who understands
the biomechanics of the body and the emotional and mental
complexities that come with a health challenge. Clients are
evaluated, monitored and guided in individual sessions and given
a customized home practice to support them on their journey to
optimum health and well-being.

The scientific basis of yoga is validating the physical, emotional and mental benefits that yogis have know for years as a viable modality in preventative and curative therapy. Yoga, meditation and breath control have significantly improved conditions of people with heart disease, diabetes and obesity, depression and anxiety disorders, chronic pain, neurologic disorders, digestive disorders, women’s reproductive issues, high blood pressure and much more.

Whether you are new to yoga or have prior experience, yoga
therapy is movement and mindfulness personalized for you.
Contact Soulutions for Balance to discuss your needs and goals.
Sessions are held in the privacy of your own home or at the SFB
studio located in Encinitas.

“Yoga Therapy has changed my life. My endurance and strength have
improved significantly. My work with Shauna has helped me to interact
better in my relationships. I know that my daily practice is essential to my
well-being.” -Yoga Therapy Client, T. Marshall

Yoga is not meant to replace medical treatment, but used as an adjunct to your current
medical regime. Please contact your healthcare provider when starting any new