Free Download: Meditation Lesson

Reduce Stress. Learn how to meditate with this free lesson.


Pranayama (breathing exercises) are used in yoga with various
benefits, but most commonly help to balance your mind and
energy. When done as a meditation, this instructional is excellent
for calming the mind and nervous system. It is done while holding
the right nostril closed with the right thumb while breathing only
through the left nostril, mouth closed. Make sure the spine is
straight and the eyes are closed or slightly open but focused on one
point in front of you. Keep your attention on your breath. When
you are done, continue breathing naturally through both nostrils,
sitting quietly for a few minutes. Move slowly out of the posture
before returning to activity. This technique is often used to prepare
for sleep or to just quiet an overactive mind.

The benefits of this meditation are:

  • Sooth and calm the mind
  • Reset the parasympathetic nervous system to rest and rejuvenate
  • Improve concentration

Yoga is not meant to replace medical treatment, but used as an adjunct to your current medical regime.  Please contact your healthcare provider when starting any new program.